Jon Seddon's Photos - Japan - Tokyo

On my New Year's holiday after visiting Kyoto I took the Shinkansen up to Tokyo. After a couple of days of culture I wanted to see bright lights and tall buildings and I wasn't disappointed.

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One of the towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices in Shinjuku. Everywhere was so tall! The view from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. The view from the other side of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices. I could see Mount Fuji from here; unfortunately it doesn't show in the photo. The pagoda at the Senso-ji temple, near to where I stayed in Asakusa. There were huge crowds visiting the temple for the New Year. There was a fair behind the temple and there was a stall selling baked potatoes - my first in two months and it tasted amazing! The main building and some of the crowds at the Senso-ji temple. Hamarikyu-teien, or the Detached Palace Garden, and some newer Tokyo buildings. Apparently duck catching was a popular sport several centuries ago and so there are a series of walls and ponds in the garden to allow people to sneak up on unsuspecting ducks - a unusual hobby that I've not heard of before. Niju-bashi - the only part of the Tokyo Imperial Palace that you can see. Tall walls and a moat protect the rest of the Palace.

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