Jon Seddon's Photos - Antarctica - Rothera - Fossil Bluff

Fossil Bluff is an aircraft refueling site around 200 miles south of Rothera. It's manned by two members of staff from Rothera during the summer. I was really lucky and spent three weeks there in November 2003. You start doing hourly weather observations at 7am until the planes finish flying for the night and so it's quite hard work, but it's such an amazing chilled place that no-one minds. The ski-way is on the ice at the edge of the King George VI sound, but there are fantastically scenic mountains all around.

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The hut at Fossil Bluff fuel depot on Alexander Island. The hut at Fossil Bluff fuel depot on Alexander Island. The hill directly above the hut is called Drune and the one just to the left is called Pyramid. Me on top of Drune at Fossil Bluff. Georgian Cliffs are in the background. Snow Dome and then Blodwen seen from the top of Pyramid at Fossil Bluff. Andy Barker admiring the view out over Pyramid and Elephant Ridge while on his way down from Snow Dome at Fossil Bluff. Blowing snow on the ridge leading to the summit of Sphinx. Pyramid seen from the top of Sphinx.

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