Jon Seddon's Photos - Japan - Kitakyushu

Kyushu Institute of Technology is in Kitakyushu, on Kyushu island in the south of Japan. It is an industrial city but there are plenty of nice places to visit.

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Tobata, the part of Kitakyushu City that KIT's in, seen from across the harbour in Takatoyama Park in Wakamatsu. I live just in front of the small hill that's underneath the sky-line on the right of the photo. The bridge across the Kanmon Straits between Shimonseki on Honshu Island and Mojiko on Kyushu (where it was taken from). The pedestrian tunnel under the Kanmon Straits (it's part of the road tunnel and not built especially for walkers and cyclists). It felt a bit bizarre walking under the sea that I'd just been watching! Looking across the Kanmon Straits from Shimonskei to Mojiko after walking through the tunnel. A statue in Shimonseki commemorating a famous local legend of two warriors fighting in the Kanmon Straits. The Akama Jingu shrine in Shimonseki. Kitakyushu from the top of Mount Sarakura on a nice sunny Christmas Eve. A bamboo forest I walked through on the way down from Mount Sarakura.

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