Jon Seddon's Photos - South America - Puerto Montt and Puerto Varras

After Torres del Paine we all met up again in Punta Arenas and then flew up to Puerto Montt. The alternative to flying is a long coach journey that pops over into Argentina because there aren't that many roads this far south, or a ferry journey that we'd heard mixed reports about. The ferry is said to go through the fjords and the scenery is meant to be fantastic. Everyone we spoke to who had been on the ferry wasn't that impressed about it and said that it often misses out the fjords and heads out to sea instead, or that it's dark during all the best bits. We had flights for this leg included with our tickets back to the UK and so we flew up to save time and money. We met up with my sister in Puerto Montt, which is a very busy and bustling fishing town. We had our first South American experience at the bus station with dozens of bus drivers all trying to sell us tickets at once. Still being accustomed to the more gentle pace of Antarctic life we jumped on the first bus to Puerto Varras just up the road and much quieter. After a bit of wandering we found a fantastic hostel there and stayed for a couple of nights and went white water rafting.

I haven't got any photos from here I'm afraid.

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