Jon Seddon's Photos - South America - Pucon

Pucon is the extreme sports capital of the Chilean Lake District and most gringos end up there. We climbed a volcano (and then slid back down it on our bums - unfortunately there wasn't enough snow to board down) and went to a volcanic "termas". I also paddled my first river in three years - the grade 2/3 Liucura, while the others went horse riding.

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Another volcano seen from the top of the one we climbed. Me and my sister on top of the volcano. Gases coming out of the crater of the volcano. It was very quiet when we were there, but on the snow all around the volcano is ash and small rocks that often come out of it. Pucon seen from the top of the volcano. Pucon seen from the top of the volcano. Rich coming down the volcano much quicker than when we climbed up. The volcano we climbed seen from a National Park close to Pucon.

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